Adventures in Babysitting, cont…


Today begins my first day of being on my own with the kids since Joe is typically up and out by 5:30 for work.  If I thought I was up early that last few days, I was proven wrong today with the help of a four year old.  At 6:00 a.m. sharp, I wake to hear Brett downstairs calling for his mother.  I muster up the energy, roll out of bed and head downstairs (I have now moved from sleeping in the basement playroom to the guest room previously occupied by other house guests here for the birthday).  After a few minutes of explaining to Brett why his mother was gone for the week and that’s I’m here, he’s settled down.  Time to begin the morning routine which goes something like this… Get woken by Brett, explain where mom is, have him go to the bathroom and brush his teeth.  Wake Adam and have him do the same…bathroom and brush teeth, in that order.  Once that’s done, it’s back to their room to get dressed in clothes which have already been set aside for the week in order by day, once dressed they head downstairs.  I get dressed myself, grab the baby’s outfit for the day, scoop him up from the crib and head downstairs.  After a quick wet diaper change, Shane is dressed and off like a bullet.  I toss the kids their shoes; Adam puts his on, while Brett enjoys tying his laces in knots before putting them on.  I put the babies shoes on, untie the knots in Brett’s laces and then help him out.  I grab the bottle bag, wallet, keys and more importantly the kids.  Strap them in the truck and it’s off to Minnieland (day care). 


After roaming Minnieland, I finally find each of the kid’s room, first Brett, followed by Adam and lastly Shane.  I must have looked like a bit of amateur since many of the staff was giggling before finally pointing me in the right direction.  While driving back to the house, I marvel in my accomplishment, proud of myself that I not only got all three to day care, but I got them there on time and in one piece!  I took the rest of morning easy, picking up toys, showering and watching some television.  At about 11:30, I figured it was time to wake Erica.  Once the sleepy teen is showered and dressed, we head to Starbucks, the store and lunch before heading back to the house to kill a couple hours until its time to pick up the kids. 


Erica joins me for the afternoon pick-up.  We arrive at Minnieland and head to Brett’s room only to find a different group of kids.  Seeing the puzzled look on my face, the staff once again giggles and points me in the right direction.  Apparently the kids don’t always start and end the day in the same room.  After finally finding Brett, we head to the school age kids room to get Adam and of coarse he’s not there.  Here we go again, queue the giggles from the staff and follow the pointed finger.  Now with two kids and a teen, I head to Shane’s room surprised to actually find him in the same room I left him.  With three kids and a teen safely accounted for I give myself a pat on the back and we head home.


We arrive to find Joe home from work, the kid’s excitement to see their dad last all of 30 seconds before they head downstairs to see what mischief and trouble awaits them.  Because the boys are proficient at amusing themselves after day care, it leaves Joe and me to fix dinner and watch Shane, who remains gated in the family room.  After dinner and more play time the boys are once again prepped and put to bed.  After getting Shane to bed Joe, Erica and I head for our respective rooms and turn in for the night.


Stay tuned…even though the routine stays the same, these boys have more tricks up their sleeves. And just when I thought I had the day care thing down…I’m proven wrong!


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