Nothing is NOT an option!

I truly enjoy using the term nothing as a reply to almost anything that I’m asked…”what are you doing?…Nothing,  “What do you wanna do?”…Nothing,  “What are you thinking?”…Nothing.  You get the jist.  It’s not that my head is actually this empty (at least I hope not).  I just truly despise such a broad question and where it could lead.   Sharing is simply not something I do.  Anyway, I am sure your asking where this is going…I know I am! 

Several days from now I’ll celebrate my 33rd Birthday.  Birthday’s are not something I’m fond of or choose to celebrate, it is after all just another day, and the more I have the more I realize…I’m getting older and have not accomplished as much in my life as I would have liked.  Back to the point.  A couple of friends asked what I wanted to do for my Birthday.  I tried to avert the topic, but my friends would not have this.  I got several colorful choice words from one friend, which included throwing a surprise party (gasp) and something about cutting me with a knife.  Neither of these options sound ideal.   Once again they asked “what do you wanna do for your birthday?” I reply NOTHING. I then received the response Nothing is NOT an option!

I still have not planned anything, and I am hoping that by some miracle they will all forget…Not likely. For that I am thankful for such friends! :-)


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